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A space for innovative creators and entrepreneurs interested in the adoption of technologies in a new dynamic era.
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Tu Espacio is a digital platform for you, the creator, entrepreneur, or innovator who is looking for a space to create, connect and collaborate.     

Tu Espacio is a constant and dynamic space where talented individuals, innovative ideas, and useful resources intersect to potentialize projects, connections and collaborations. 


Tu Espacio creates an ecosystem where innovative ideas are taken to the next level by providing additional resources to accelerate ideas and projects into successful business ventures.

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Tu Espacio seeks to constantly boost personal, professional and business success throughout fostering the discussion of ideas, strengthening the connections and relationships with people with similar interests, and entitling productive collaborations between individuals and organizations who ambition to take their ideas, initiatives and projects to other dimensions.

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What We’re About

Educational Programs

Tu Espacio offers educational programs on business entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development areas.

Networking Opportunities

Tu Espacio hosts regular seminars and forums where attendees learn from a guest speaker or expert panel on selected topics. These forums are followed by a networking activity for guests to meet and connect with other participants also interested in building relationships with the aim of finding productive synergies and mutual benefits.

Business Advisory Services

Tu Espacio with the support of our consulting team provides consulting services to innovators, creators and entrepreneurs in different areas of expertise.


Virtual Space

Tu Espacio provides a digital platform where business members can showcase their services, products, projects, ideas and initiatives.

Physical Space

Tu Espacio can provide you with space options to work, or to host business meetings and event functions.   

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We start from the believe that we are all creative regardless of the type of activity we perform or the work we do. We generate ideas. We create projects. We make things happen.
Tu Espacio creates forums for the discussion of ideas, projects and meaningful initiatives.

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Home: Portfolio
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We see collaboration as a powerful way of thinking that allow people to work together in an organized manner to achieve higher goals with mutual benefits for all those collaborators. We work in collaboration to make thinks better and bigger.

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We believe in networking as a fundamental activity to establish connections that can help us to find a contact or resource that might become a fundamental piece to achieve or accelerate our aspirations and goals, whatever they are. We connect people to generate meaningful and productive relationships.

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Suite 375, 1721 29 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB
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