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Tu Espacio: A space to create, connect and collaborate.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Last night I had the opportunity to present an expanded vision of Tu Espacio, a space to create, connect and collaborate. Presenting with me were Tu Espacio Consulting Team, Jessie Ceballos, Adriana Cervantes, and Patricia Cruz, who respectively presented The Power of Create, The Power of Connect, and The Power of Collaborate.

With TU ESPACIO we are offering a Business Acceleration and Incubation concept that provides support to entrepreneurs to create and grow their business ideas and projects. With the support of a high caliber group of professionals we can provide advice in business strategies, how to create a business plan, define marketing and sales strategies, coaching, organizational management, negotiation, etc. We can provide also office space and mentorship programs with the support of our group of experts.

We start from the believe that we are all creative regardless of the type of activity we perform or work we do. We believe in networking as a fundamental activity to establish connections that can help us to find a contact or resource that might become today or in the future a fundamental piece to achieve or accelerate our aspirations and goals, whatever they are. We see collaboration as a powerful way of thinking that allow people to work together in an organized manner to achieve higher goals with mutual benefits for all those collaborators.

Tu Espacio is a hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, innovators, investors, and industry experts who find ways to work together and support each other to achieve higher goals. Tu Espacio creates an ecosystem to work with these individuals to take innovative ideas and ventures to the next level by providing additional advice and resources to accelerate their ideas and projects into successful business ventures.

This is just the beginning of this ambitious enterprise. I would like to invite all those creators, professionals and entrepreneurs to learn more about TU ESPACIO and get in touch with us to discuss how you see yourself in this concept and how we collaborate together.

You can learn more about TU ESPACIO at You can contact us at


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