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Apply for the Canada Digital Adoption Plan grant


We are your digital advisor to get $15,000 for the digital transformation of your company

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The Canada Digital Adoption Program can help you integrate new digital tools and technologies to better meet your customers' needs, improve productivity, and become more competitive.

Is CDAP for you?


The Boost Your Business Technology grant offers support to Canadian-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to adopt new digital technologies.

*Only an owner or a director (listed in the articles of incorporation).


Eligibility criteria:

  • Be incorporated federally or provincially, or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor.

  • Be a for-profit, privately owned business.

  • Have between 1 – 499 full time equivalent employees.

  • Have at least $500,000 of annual revenues in one of the previous three tax years.

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From Digital Technology to Data Analytics,
we can help you
transform your talent and culture
to thrive under digital disruption.


Start your application


We'll work with you through the process to help you identify your digital transformation needs and apply for the grant.


Upon completion of their Digital Adoption Plan, the SME can access a

$100,000 zero-interest loan from BDC to implement the plan and adopt

new digital tools for their business!


*The loan amount is determined based on the size of the company.

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It's time to start your digitization!


Thank you, we'll contact you soon!

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